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AKS Influencer Mgmt is an online based management that connects brands with influencers to enable growing relationships in the Instagram market.


AKS was founded by Antonia Keaunna Sestanovich in 2020 - With a drive of passion towards fashion and influencing she decided to start this management to help others see their potential in the modelling/influencer industry. 

We work alongside a substantial number of brands of a variety of business statures. This includes established brands such as PRETTYLITTLETHING, OH POLLY, LOUNGEUNDERWEAR UK, MISSPAP, KATCHME And many more! AKS works to provide equal opportunities for our partnered brands to work with our influencers to enhance the brand/influencers publicity levels. We aim to nurture influencer who have a following between 2k - 80k. We see potential in all our influencers to become the next big thing

If you are looking to become an influencer and work with brands by receiving gifted items, shoot deals and more...

Or you have a desire to boost your brand's publicity through the use of our influencers, then head over to our 'Join Us' tab where you b given the chance to apply!

We look forward to hearing from you all x

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